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Denver Espresso Experts

We offer locally operated, specialized service and repair of household appliances. We have dedicated technicians that repair residential as well as commercial grade espresso machines. We take pride in having the expertise to properly return your coffee espresso machine back to full function. Our technicians and staff KNOW coffee and the machines we use to make it.

We Tune-Up and Service most of the leading espresso machine brands:

  • A Sample of Super Automatic brands: Breville, Gaggia, Jura, DeLonghi, Saeco, Miele, and more brands of coffee machines.
  • A Sample of Manual Espresso Machines: La Pavoni, Nuova Simonelli, Pasquini, Rancilio, La Marzocco, Rocket, Astoria, Ascaso and Izzo.

Bring your Machine in we quote a standard service fee and that allows us to resolve the most common issues that we see these from Mineral and Grease build up internally. The tune-up gives our technicians the opportunity to also test the unit to verify existing or underlying issues so that we can recommend parts or services as needed. Repair times similar to any repair vary with part availability and complexity of work.

Due to liability reasons, we do not offer troubleshooting or repair support of coffee machines and espresso systems over the phone or via email. It’s difficult to assess the cause of issues without seeing the machine, so we do not provide any estimates for repair until we have the equipment in our center and can fully diagnose the issue and resolution.

Coffee espresso machines often need maintenance and service related to the boiler and grinder assemblies. This maintenance can often be performed by You maintaining a routine schedule of descaling, cleaning and degreasing the brew, grinder and froth unit. Beyond that You should bring it in every 2500 cups or roughly 3-5 years in for a professional serve and clean by your local espresso machine repair center.

Denvers Most Experienced Est. 1981

Local and Family owned, our family of stores and services offered has evolved from vacuums to typewriters and now includes commercial and residential coffee machines. For home users with a pod, cup or automatic machine to the more sophisticated barista or restaurant with a press or manual machine we can help fix it all.