Espresso & Coffe Machine Repair

Commercial & Home Espresso Machines

We have the expertise to properly repair and return your coffee espresso machine back to full function

  • Capsule
  • Stove Top
  • Manual levers
  • Semi-automatics
  • Automatics
  • Super-automatics
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Serving the Denver Metro for over 30 years. Est. 1981

We service residential and commercial espresso machines. We repair small appliances and all major brands of coffee espresso machines including manual, automatic and super-automatic systems.

Lever Espresso Machines

We repair lever espresso machines including La Pavoni, La Marcozo, Rancillo, and Elektra. We carry the most commonly replaced parts for all major brands of commercial and residential espresso machines and grinders.

Residential Coffee Machines

We sell and repair coffee machines from most leading coffee machine manufacturers. Bring your Gaggia, DeLonghi, or Nespresso machine for repair.

Pump Espresso Machines

Common problems: No espresso coffee is delivered, the pump is excessively noisy, the crema is too light (delivered from the spout too fast), the crema is too dark(delivered from the spout too slowly), the coffee has an acidic taste, no milk froth is formed.

Semiautomatic Coffee Machines

Fix your semi-automatic espresso machine today, our repair include boiler, a portafilter,  switch or lever to perform the extraction. We fix semiautomatic with manual control and machines with programmable doses.

Superautomatic Machines

We service and repair all major brands of full automatic espresso machines. We fix digital displays, bypass dosers, and programmable buttons. We repair pre-grinding, pre-infusion, and temperature control not working.

Commercial Espresso Machines

We service and repair all major brands of commercial espresso machines.  We have the expertise to repair your commercial espresso machine. Espresso grinders in stock, espresso parts, coffee brewing equipment and more!

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